What is pointing?

21st April 2021 by Raven Roofing & Repairs

Have you been told that your roof needs pointing but aren’t sure what this means? So what is pointing? Read on and we will explain....

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What is flat felt roofing? [Infographic]

17th March 2021 by Raven Roofing & Repairs

Flat felt roofing has been a popular choice for property owners for many years. Made from a combination of bitumen, sand, and fibrous membrane, it...

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How to prevent storm damage to your roof.

25th February 2021 by Raven Roofing & Repairs

As the harsh winter weather sets in, you may be concerned about its impact on your roof. Snow, hail, and high winds can cause significant...

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Can roofing be done in the winter? [Infographic]

24th January 2021 by Raven Roofing & Repairs

With winter setting in and the weather forecast to get worse before it gets better, you may be wondering if roofers are still working and...

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How many years does a flat roof last?

18th January 2021 by Raven Roofing & Repairs

If you’re considering investing in a flat roof or even if you already have one, you may be wondering how long it’s likely to last...

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Welcome to our Blog

26th October 2020 by Raven Roofing & Repairs

Hi and welcome to our new blog. Keep an eye out for news, tips and helpful information about the roofing industry. We aim to post...

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