Pointing & Re-bedding

Raven Roofing and Repairs take great pride in offering comprehensive roofing services to the areas of Grimsby and Louth. We’ve been established for over 20 years, and in that time have demonstrated ourselves to be a reliable and trustworthy company, servicing the roofs of commercial, domestic and industrial properties to an impeccable standard.

Over time, ridges on roofs can become weathered and damaged, leading to the ridges slipping, the mortar deteriorating and tiles cracking. All of this means that your roof is no longer watertight, and on top of that can look very unsightly. When dealing with a roof that needs re-bedding and pointing, it is imperative that you use a professional and quality service; that’s where Raven Roofing and Repairs can help.

Part of our roofing services includes roof pointing and re-bedding. This involves removing ridges from the roof and thoroughly cleaning them before using a unibond mix to re-bed the ridges, ensuring they are pointing in a uniform manner for a neat appearance and a strong seal.

If you would like to know more about re-bedding roof tiles or re-pointing roofs, get in contact today and we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiry.